Jury Rig Project Character: Brooke
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Concept art by Tiffani Trogi

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Textures by Tiffani Trogi

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Sketchfab Preview

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Jury Rig Project Character: Brooke

"In 1988… governments all over the world sold their lands to private corporations. 33 years later - after decades of excessive polluting and the crash of the middle class - many parts of the world collapsed. As the lands were no longer profitable, the corporations left for space, leaving the world in anarchy."

This is a character I sculpted as part of a school project called Jury Rig.

Model was sculpted in ZBrush. Retopology and UVs made in Maya.

Textures and concepts were done by Tiffani Trogi: https://www.artstation.com/tiffanitrogi

Sketchfab link: https://skfb.ly/6GpAu

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